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This is the best software I have ever bought and is now vital for getting my work done. Before I used 'Do It Tomorrow', I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work, I had to get done.
Paul Key, Lawyer

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Do It Tomorrow

'Do It Tomorrow' is a unique and very effective approach to time management. It was developed by Mark Forster, the author of the book 'Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management'.

Some of the most important benefits of this approach are:

  • Use of a closed list instead of classic to-do list.
  • Current initiative.
  • No prioritizing.
  • Commitments instead of interests.

'Do It Tomorrow' is also a Windows desktop application based on the book's concepts and ideas. It helps you to track, organize, reuse, export, print, and summarize your tasks. 

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Tim Wilson / Time Management Success
Do It Tomorrow is unique in that it offers the best of both worlds -- the power the best time management software delivers, combined with the effectiveness of one of the most original proven time management systems around.

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Mobile Application

Connecting Mobile and Desktop 

How to establish a connection between 'Do It Tomorrow for Android' mobile application and 'Do It Tomorrow' Windows desktop application.


Do It Tomorrow for Android

We are happy to announce our first 'Do It Tomorrow' mobile application.
It is created for the Android cell phones. The application is free of charge.



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